From the Mediterranean to the Americas

Proud winners of The Captain Scott Society's 'Spirit of Adventure' Award 2019

Mission accomplished!  Replica Phoenician ship, Phoenicia, arrived into the Dominican Republic on 31st December 2019, after 39 days at sea.  Having departed Tunisia on 29.09.19, the success of the Expedition reinforces the notion that the Phoenicians had the capability and skill to sail to the Americas.  The Phoenicia has since moved north to the USA for a stay in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

The expedition aims to prove that the Phoenicians could have reached the Americas 2000 years before Christopher Columbus.​

Launched by the UN  Environment Programme in 2017, the Clean Seas campaign aims to engage governments, the general public and the private sector in the fight against marine plastic pollution.  As the Phoenicia sails through the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic, the crew will take samples of sea water for later analysis by Clean Seas.

The Phoenicia is currently in Miami, North America

Carthage Gibraltar - Cadiz - Essaouira - Canaries - the Americas

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"Very many congratulations to Philip and his crew."


Colonel John Blashford-Snell


Phoenician Heritage Partner.  The mission of the Phoenician International Research Center is to promote Phoenician studies and preserve Phoenician culture and history.

Phoenician Heritage / Port Partner. The Club Didon de Carthage is an association dedicated to research and to promoting the history and culture of Carthage.  We thank Club Didon for the magnificent welcome in Tunisia and all the logistical and cultural support in the early stages of the expedition.

Film Production Partner.  Aventuras Produções is an independent Brazilian film producer, specialising in adventure, scientific expedition and environmental documentaries. Aventuras were part of the crew for Phoenicia's circumnavigation of Africa. We are delighted to be working with them again.


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The Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition is approved by the Scientific Exploration Society.  A UK based charity (No 267410) that leads, funds and supports scientific discovery, research and conservation. Long term champions of Phoenicia's endeavours.

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