When will Phoenicia reach the Caribbean?

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Deadline: 12.12.19, 12:00 GMT

Much heart, soul and personal finance is going into this project.  Costs have and still are being incurred - not only to cover vessel maintenance, but also for insurance, equipment, supplies and running the expedition office.

The expedition is increasingly arousing curiosity and international interest, especially now that the challenging Atlantic leg is underway.  The expedition offers corporate sponsors brand exposure to those in academic, educative, historic, cultural and archaeological circles as well as those with maritime, adventure and nautical interests.  Please get in touch if you would like a discussion.  All financial donations (corporate or individual) are very much appreciated.

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The expedition is very grateful to the following organisations for their support:

Competition: When will Phoenicia reach the Caribbean?

As a bit of fun, we are asking our followers and Crew to predict when we will reach the Caribbean. Make your prediction and be in with a chance of winning a prize from a package that includes: Phoenicia’s Brass Barometer, a bottle of Carthaginian wine that will have crossed the Atlantic, and a copy of ‘Sailing Close to the Wind’ signed by Phoenicia’s Atlantic Crew.

All you need to do, is send your prediction (date and hour GMT) that the ship will cross the longitude of 59 degrees West – the starting point for islands of the Caribbean as you approach from the East to: info@phoenicia.org.uk


Deadline: 12th December 12:00 GMT

Entries will be published here, on our website’s donations page, for all to see. Individuals will be identified by their initials. Of course, if you would like to make a donation at the same time, that would be gratefully received.

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!



PB / 23.12.2019 / 1600

MC / 21.12.2019 / 1243

SO / 22.12.2019 / 1700

SL  / 24.12.2019 / 1600

AA / 22.12.2019 / 0530

CMB / 24.12.2019 / 0030

MF / 25.12.2019 / 0001

DS / 24.12.2019 / 1301

RK / 23.12.19 / 0900

DC / 23.12.19 / 0300

SD / 22.12.19 / 0500

YS / 20.12.19 / 2359

SE / 01.04.20 / 1700
GH / 20.12.19 / 0001
VS / 27.12.19  / 0920
EH / 29.12.19 / 1355
BV / 28.12.19 / 1130


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Life Saving Equipment sponsor: VIKING Life-Saving Equipment has a history of supplying seafarers since 1960. With two 10 person VIKING liferafts on board, the crew can focus on the challenges of the voyage, knowing that they have reliable source of escape should they need to leave the vessel.


Regional Sponsor: The Lebanese Republic of Ministry of Information supports the goals of the Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition.


Corporate sponsor: Korpan Tractor is a leading provider of machine rental services in Saskatoon, Canada and an enthusiastic supporter of the expedition.

Corporate Sponsor: Alpha Telecom provides mobile and data services throughout the Lebanon.


Expedition Partner: Pioneer Expeditions are a leading adventure travel provider focusing on wildlife trips and adventure holidays for clients since launching in 2006.


Education Partner: LCP is UK-based supplier of teaching resources, pupil tracking systems and school management and is a sponsor of the expedition.

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For US Dollar donations $


E: info@phoenicia.org.uk

T: +44 (0)1202 798070

The Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition is approved by the Scientific Exploration Society.  A UK based charity (No 267410) that leads, funds and supports scientific discovery, research and conservation. Long term champions of Phoenicia's endeavours.

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