Proud Winners of the Captain Scott Society's 'Spirit of Adventure' Award 2019

A quest that promises to shed new light on one of histories great mysteries, could the Phoenicians have reached the Americas nearly 2000 years before Christopher Columbus?  The Phoenicia, a replica Phoenician ship built in 2008, will begin its voyage from Carthage (Tunisia) in September 2019, endeavouring to reach the shores of the Americas in December 2019.  Unpredictable Atlantic winds mean that the exact landing place and time cannot be foreseen.

Expedition objectives:

  • To prove that the Phoenicians were capable of crossing the Atlantic to the Americas

  • To inspire interest in Phoenician culture and archaeology

  • To provide participation opportunities for young people with a Phoenician heritage

  • To conduct research on plastic pollution levels in the Mediterranean and Atlantic

  • To compare computer model predictions with the actual route

"It is one of the greatest voyages of mankind and if anyone could have done it before Columbus, it was the Phoenicians.  Of all the ancient civilisations, they were the greatest seafarers - Lebanon had cedar trees perfect for building strong boats, they were the first to use iron nails and they had knowledge of astrology and currents."

Philip Beale, Expedition Leader




The Expedition is approved by the

Scientific Exploration Society, UK

(registered charity number 267410)

International documentary makers and broadcasters have been welcomed on board, facilitating further exciting collaboration and wider exposure.  More on this coming soon.


The Phoenicians Before Columbus is delighted to have already secured a number of sponsors.  If you or your organisation would like to make a contribution and be part of making Phoenicia's next epic adventure happen, take a look at our Sponsors page.

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The Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition is approved by the Scientific Exploration Society.  A UK based charity (No 267410) that leads, funds and supports scientific discovery, research and conservation. Long term champions of Phoenicia's endeavours.

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