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The Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition was led by Philip Beale, whose past experience includes leading the Borobudor Ship Expedition (2003-04) and the first Phoenician Ship Expedition (2008-2010).

The crew was a combination of skilled seafarers, amateur sailors and enthusiastic novices, with 12-15 persons on board for each leg of the voyage.  Some of the crew had also participated on the Phoenician Ship Expedition.

Meet the crew

‘What an achievement!  Congratulations!  So proud of the whole team.’  Dan Snow, Historian, Broadcaster and Writer

Charlie Meet the Crew pic.jpg


Ship communications, maintenance and tour guide

- Carthage to the Americas

From London, UK 

About 6 months ago, I left my life in London behind to come and live on board the Phoenicia and join Philip, my Uncle, on what I knew would be an unbelievable adventure.


Since June, I have been living and working on board travelling from Gosport, England to Tunisia and onwards towards the Americas, with many stops in between.


After Phoenicia's first voyage around Africa, I worked on the ship as a tour guide in London. It was during this time, back in 2012, that I fell in love with the project but also developed a passion for education and teaching.


As well as maintaining the ship, managing some of the Expedition's social media and blog, I continue to deliver educational tours for school groups who visit the ship, where we have the chance to use Phoenicia and the expedition to shine a light on Phoenician history and culture. It's also a great opportunity to inspire the next generation of sailors and adventurers.


For those involved, this expedition is educational, provides challenging experiences, lifelong friendships and a chance to rewrite history. I'm privileged to be a part of it.

Dirman meetthecrew pic.jpg


Core crew

- Carthage to the Americas

From Pagerungan Island, Indonesia


"I am pleased to have the chance to continue to follow the sailing ship expedition initiated by Captain Philip.  I look forward to crossing the Atlantic with this great crew!"

Phoenicians Before Columbus benefits from Dirman's expedition experience, including Philip's First Phoenicia Ship Expedition and the Borobudor Ship Expedition.

Steiner meetthecrew pic.jpg


Core crew

- Carthage to the Americas

From Norway


Steiner lives on an island called Tjøme in Oslofjoyd in the southeastern part of Norway.


"I heard about the expedition when Philip Beale participated in a maritime conference in Tønsberg.  It seemed like a big adventure, I wanted to join."


Steiner works as a Viking ship captain in Tønsberg on replica Viking ship the Saga Oseberg.  He is also involved with the Saga Farmann, upon which a recreation of a Viking journey through Europe and Russia is being planned. 

"I love being a member of the crew, and the Phoenician adventure!"

Remi meetthecrew pic.jpg


Expedition planning team

- Tenerife to the Americas

From Lebanon, living in the USA


Remi has been a key player in making this expedition happen and his Phoenician heritage makes having him on board very special.

"Helping to plan this expedition was challenging but fun! Finally it begins. I wish for all the Lebanese people around the world to know that they have a huge stake in this project!"

Edwin meetthecrew pic.jpg


- Carthage to Gibraltar

Originally from Cumberland (UK), lived in Dorset for the past 40 years


"The opportunity came along to join this expedition and I've been privileged to be on board."

At 76, Edwin is the most senior of the Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition crew and a true gent.

Carson meetthecrew pic.jpg


- Carthage to Gibraltar

From Salt Lake City, Utah.


"Originally, I came on this voyage because my dad got me a plane ticket and told me, <we're going on this expedition and it's going to be incredible.> Turns out I've really enjoyed my time here, it has been the adventure of a lifetime."

Carson has been the youngest crew member to sail on this expedition.  May he have many more adventures.

Ian meetthecrew pic.jpg


- Gibraltar to Essaouira

From Wiltshire, UK


"Having known Phil for many years and followed his expeditions from afar I had a chance to join one leg on the previous trip and again on this trip from Gibraltar to Essaouira. It's rare that you get to join something that is a true adventure and this certainly is. An awesome experience to be alone on the ocean on the helm of the Phoenicia - unforgettable. Sad not to be able to go further."

Maran meetthecrew pic.jpg


Expedition doctor

- Gibraltar to the Americas

From The Netherlands


"After following the Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS) course with Outdoor Medicine and becoming a candidate instructor, I felt ready to put the theory of expedition medicine into practice by joining this expedition.  It also gives me the opportunity to be a part of the crew and to learn about sailing."

profile pic.jpg


- Tenerife to the Americas

53 years old, from Southern Norway

"I live in a house that used be an old renovated railway station building. In Norway, I was involved in the of building a replica Viking ship named Oseberg, and have also sailed on other Viking ships. I worked alongside PBC crew member Steiner.  Interestingly, the rigging of the sail on both the Viking ships and the Phoenicia share many similarities, so I am glad to bring my experience to this Expedition.


I had been following the Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition for a while, so I jumped on the opportunity to join the crew.  The chance to be a part of such an important historical voyage had great appeal. 

An interesting fact about me is that I started ski jumping at age 44!"

david smith profile pic_edited.jpg


- Tenerife to the Americas

24 years old, from Glasgow, UK

"I only joined the trip a week before setting sail from Tenerife!  Space exploration is a passion of mine, so being able to be a part of such a culturally significant journey about exploration on Earth is really exciting for me.  An interesting fact about me is that I make the best tea on Phoenician watch!



Expedition leader and skipper

- Carthage to the Americas

From Dorset, UK


Philip Beale is an adventurer, maritime history enthusiast, author and public speaker.


Philip undertook his first international expedition at the age of 18 when he won a place on Operation Drake sailing on ship Eye of the Wind from Fiji and Papua New Guinea in 1979.

He read Politics at the University of Hull before joining the Royal Navy. Then, in 2003, after a 12 year career in the City of London, Philip pursued a project focussing on Indonesian cultural influence on Africa, through the building of a double outrigger vessel, which he then successfully sailed from Indonesia to West Africa via Madagascar and the Cape of Good Hope. The Borobudur Ship Expedition (Aug 2003- Feb 2004) was a voyage that some professional sailors’ thought was too dangerous and would be impossible to achieve in such a limited vessel. In 2005 he was honoured by Indonesian President, Megawati, for Services to Indonesian Culture for leading the Borobudur Ship Expedition.

In 2005 Philip conceived the idea of recreating the first circumnavigation of Africa by the Phoenicians as recorded by Greek historian Herodotus. After 3 years of research the Phoenicia was launched in 2008 at the start of the Phoenicia Ship Expedition. The recreation of the Phoenician circumnavigation of Africa was completed in October 2010 - arguably the longest voyage in a replica of an ancient ship in distance and time in modern history.

Continuing the theme of the Phoenicians being the greatest of the ancient sailors, the 2019 the Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition was launched to look at whether the Phoenicians could have reached the Americas before the Vikings and Columbus, by sailing the Phoenicia across the Atlantic. Progress of the expedition can be found here

When not on expedition, Philip is an owner and director of off the beaten track adventure and wildlife company Pioneer Expeditions.

He also undertakes speaking engagements in the UK and internationally on his Phoenician and other adventures and is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a member of the Scientific Exploration Society.

Aziz meetthecrew pic.jpg


Core crew

- Carthage to the Americas

From Jakarta, Indonesia


"I love getting to know the crew of  many different backgrounds and making new friendships with all those we visit on our way."


Phoenicians Before Columbus benefits from Aziz's expedition experience, including Philip's First Phoenicia Ship Expedition and the Borobudor Ship Expedition.

Yuri meetthecrew pic.jpg


Expedition documentary maker

- Carthage to the Americas



Yuri lives in Brazil, in a sustainable house.  "I'm here to document the expedition, also to promote the Clean Seas Campaign and represent the NY Explorer's Club."


Yuri has significant sailing experience, having lived aboard  sailboards with his wife Vera for 12 years . He also spent time as a diving instructor in Japan, has written several publications about sailing, history, TV and cinema producing and has been a filmmaker since 1998. Despite all this Yuri says "the crew may prefer my skills to make bread and pizzas on this long leg."

Sheimaa meetthecrew pic.jpg


Expedition planning team

- Carthage to Gibraltar and Tenerife to the Americas

From Lebanon.


Sheimaa has been instrumental in the planning of the Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition and we are delighted she has also been able to join the crew. 

"I am thrilled to be on board especially because the journey will shed some light on the cultural heritage of my country, Lebanon"

Boyd meetthecrew pic.jpg


- Carthage to Cadiz

From New York and Utah, USA


Boyd hopes that the expedition will enable him to gather information for his book, "In the Footsteps of Mulek" in which he seeks to examine the possibility that Israelites from Jerusalem were capable of reaching America by means of Phoenician sailing vessels around 600 BC, a claim put forward in the Book of Mormon.  

Doug meetthecrew pic.jpg


- Carthage to Gibraltar

55 years old, from Salt Lake City, Utah.


Leg: Tunisia to Gibraltar.


"Sailing on the Phoenicia was an opportunity to connect with ancient maritime history, in a way that would not be possible otherwise. It was also a great way to share a unique adventure with my son Carson."

Ray meetthecrew pic.jpg


- Gibraltar to Essaouira

From Saskatchewan, Canada


"Home for me is 2000km+ from any ocean. I've been to +60 countries in 6 continents including Antarctica but nothing compares to this!  The apex of my travels!"

Having had a taste of Phoenicia during her circumnavigation of Africa, it's been great having Ray on board again and to have his continuing support.

Max meetthecrew pic.jpg


- Essaouira to the Americas

From London, England


Max signed up for "the thrill of the adventure painted beneath starry nights and sunny skies!"


Having recently graduated in Zoology, Max also hopes it will be an ideal opportunity to see an abundance of marine life.  As a keen musician,  he's also hoping to fill the long nights with some harmonised sea shanties!

david hosking meet the crew pic rotated.


- Essaouira to Tenerife

From London, UK

Describes himself as 'an old man of the sea!'

"Great to share in this historic expedition, showing Columbus was not the first to cross the Atlantic."

Habiba meetthecrew pic.jpg


- Essaouira to Tenerife

From Tunisia

"I have been fascinated by archaeology and the history of civilizations since childhood.


When I met the crew of Phoenicia at Port Gammarth, something in me was inspired to be on the ship. Something told me I had to be with this crew that impressed me from the moment I met them."

clary on phoenicia lyme regis.jpg


- Land Crew, Expedition Office, UK

From the UK

Clary manages the Expedition's administration and website.

"I'm delighted to be involved in such an inspired adventure.  Fingers crossed the achievement will boost further archaeological and academic research into Philip's theory."

santa crew pic.jpg
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