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Weight: 50 tons
Overall length: 20 metres
Beam: 5.8 metres
Draft: 1.5 metres
Freeboard: 1.3 metres
Number of sails: 1
Mast height: 15 metres
Rig: Square rig
Steering oars: 2
Yard: 2 joined timbers 14 metres


The building of Phoenicia was led by Khalid Hammoud on Arwad Island in 2007-08.  Using traditional methods and construction techniques, it is the only working replica of a Phoenician vessel in the World.  Academics and specialists researched and advised on the ship's construction which is primarily based on the wreck of the Jules Vernes 7, found in the Mediterranean and which dates back to around 600BC.  Construction materials include Aleppo pine, Mediterranean oak, walnut, Mediterranean pine, Mediterranean cypress, handmade olive wood tenons and iron nails.


The Phoenicia successfully circumnavigated Africa, a voyage of over 20,000 miles in the first Phoenician Ship Expedition, 2008-2010. To find out more, read Sailing Close to the Wind by Philip Beale and Sarah Taylor.


Watch Phoenicia Sailing Gibraltar

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