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Cartagena before Carthage

We are taking advantage of a short 24 hour weather window, where the strong easterly winds subside, to make our way north-east to Cartagena, Spain. At Cartagena, we'll be closer to large body of wind which will allow us to sail all the way to Tunisia on the coming days.

It is fitting though that the winds have directed us to stop at Cartagena as we head to the start point of the Phoenicians Before Columbus Expedition in Carthage, Tunisia. Cartagena was founded in 227BC by Hamlicar Barca of Carthage (the father of famous Phoenician General Hannibal) after conquering the Iberian tribes. The major Phoenician port was named Qart Hadasht (Phoenician, meaning 'New Town'), the same name as the original city of Carthage!

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