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We have replaced our modern fishing lure on the starboard side with one of Dirman’s traditional ones. We now trail two traditional Indonesian lures and have immediately had some great results!

A few days ago it seemed we were in large dorado territory and hauled in a couple of big dorodos and also lost some line and a few hooks to the strong fish. Yesterday we entered a different surf turf and caught 3 dorados throughout the day, but these ones were half the size of the ones we were catching the days prior. Then today [5th December], we were amazed and horrified by what we hauled in: two villainous barracudas!

We also managed to catch a piece of rope with some fish eggs laid on it. Caviar for breakfast!

We celebrated Steinar’s 65th birthday with a cake baked by Max and Charlie and flew the Norwegian flag in his honour. Steinar, like many Norwegians, is a big coffee drinker, so it was only right that his cake had coffee flavoured icing.


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