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Pending arrival in the Caribbean

As you may have seen, Phoenicia has now crossed the 59th degree west, which marks the start point of the Eastern Caribbean Islands for those approaching from the east.

We have pretty much sailed in line with the prevailing winds and currents since leaving Tenerife over 4 weeks ago, a distance of over 2,400 nautical miles (as the crow flies). But as there is no evidence, that we are aware of, that the Phoenicians visited the outer Caribbean islands; we have decided to continue sailing with the winds and currents towards the Dominican Republic.

This seems fitting, as there are theories suggesting the Phoenicians came to the island in ancient times and of course Christopher Columbus visited the islands during his voyages. So it seems appropriate that we attempt to make landfall on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic.

Given that Hispaniola (Dominican Republic/Haiti) is over 600 miles away from our current position (see here for the latest position of Phoenicia we do not expect to make landfall at Santo Domingo (the capital) until the last few days of December. We will keep you updated as we progress towards the Dominican Republic and any possible changes to our plan.

With seasonal best wishes to all who are following us.

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1 Comment

Well done Phil and crew! That was an amazing crossing, you seemed to be consistently flying along. I think you have proved your theory now.

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