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RIP Baalito (blog refers to events of 3rd December)

At breakfast, Philip’s watch gave the crew the sad news that Baalito the Falcon was dead. Early in the morning, less than 24 hours before joining the crew, Baalito died whilst hunting. He was seen tracking some prey in the rough seas, and after making two attempts to swoop in to the water, he did not return above the water.

We had rested a lot of hopes on Baalito catching the rat on the deck. On top of that, he was an exciting and entertaining visitor who left a lasting impression on the crew. We wish he had stayed with us for longer.

Our minds were soon taken off this tragedy when a few crew members (including the Captain), came to the conclusion that we only had 12 rolls of toilet paper remaining. This caused a heated discussion about how we had got through so many in such a short time. We decided the best course would be to divide the remaining rolls evenly between each crew members. Understandably Sheimaa and Maran were not pleased.

A closer inspection of our supplies revealed that we actually have over 40 rolls down below. How nobody saw them all down there is a mystery that we’re all to ready to blame on the rat. As a precaution, we have divided the remaining rolls between the crew! Fortunately there is no need to be as frugal as we first thought.


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