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Wooden boat, wooden boat!

Progress has been steady and although there were a few spots of rain on Tuesday night, yesterday was a clear and sunny day with a moderate but constant wind pushing us along.

On Tuesday afternoon, while the crew were gathered on the helm enjoying some sun and watching as a handful of catamarans sailed slowly past, there was a crackle over the VHF:

Wooden boat, wooden boat!

The ARC rally, consisting of a couple hundred yachts crossing the Atlantic, was underway. We had seen many pass us by throughout the night. Now, in the daylight, one had clearly noticed us. Captain Philip replied, barely able to contain his laughter:

“Plastic boat, plastic boat. This is wooden boat, do you copy?

Sure enough, the boat was part of the ARC rally and after exchanging some thoughts on the weather both captains agreed that we needed to head further south to catch the best of the trade winds. The conversation then came to our crew:

Philip: “We are an international crew of 12 persons… and 1 mouse

Plastic Boat: “Ohh! Is this a pet or clandestine mouse?

Philip: “Clandestine. Currently…but being hunted down...

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